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Simcity Buildit Game Review

The Sims took the world by storm when the game was first launched by EA, and even now it has developed into a major franchise with lots of branching games emerging every year. It started as a very simple concept. You control a person—or more appropriately, what they call a Sim—and then try to lead him or her into a world of success by having jobs, marrying, and whatnot.SimcityBuildit is another installment into that very successful franchise, and it has received many reviews from a different point of views. Players are confused about whether they should play SimcityBuildit or not, and they wonder if it is really worth their time or not.

Basically, SimcityBuildit may not be for The Sims purists who love the previous game concept too much to ever see it molded into something else entirely because SimcityBuildit is definitely a new spin to the age-old franchise. SimcityBuildit has its own advantages and disadvantages, and it may appeal to the current gaming market that focuses mainly on management simulation games. SimcityBuildit allows you to build a city from scratch, and managing it could pose a fun challenge. Some people find themselves impatient, though, and end up using a Simcity Buildit hack that allows them to have an unlimited amount of resources. The fact it, SimcityBuildit is a pretty fun game even played traditionally.


The Best Parts of Simcity Buildit Hack

If you are contemplating about whether you should start playing SimcityBuildit or not, then there are parts of SimcityBuildit which are frequently regarded as the best in the genre and could possibly sway you into trying:

  • Uniquely The Sims

The unforgettable part of The Sims that not many other games have been arguably the danger parts, where fires could suddenly occur and burglars would sneak into houses silently at night. This added danger makes the existence of police stations as well as firefighter stations a necessity in your city, and it adds an extra dash of excitement into what is already a pretty fun game.

  • A True Strategy Game

SimcityBuildit is not just something that you could play without using any kind of strategy. You need to exercise some common sense problem solving in order to maximize the fun, especially when it comes to the matter building placement.

  • Fair Gameplay

Many games nowadays are geared towards the making of profit for the company, and some of them have unfair gameplay that make advancing in the game virtually impossible without spending some real-time cash. That does not happen in SimcityBuildit, and you can pretty much go through the entire game without having to pay for anything.

  • Cool Graphics


Compared to many other city management games, Simcity Buildit’s level of graphics far surpasses the others. The level of detail and effort put into the design of the buildings as well as other visual features would make your gaming experience all the more satisfying.

SimcityBuildit is a fun game that could make you spend hours on it without even realizing. You can play it just for fun, but mastering SimcityBuildit is an entirely different matter. If you wish to be the best in this game, you may need to enlist the help of a Simcity Buildit hack, in order to save you precious time and effort.


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